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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plates on the Wall

Yes, this is a cooking blog but today I'm blogging about home decorating.

But this post does have to do with plates, so I'm not too far off.

I am a slow decision maker when it comes to my house. I love to decorate, but I don't just jump in there and throw things together. I deliberate over each and every decision.

This works for me because once I make up my mind I am usually happy with my decision for a long time. This makes Hubs happy, since I'm not asking him to budget for redecorating every other year!

We had the den and kitchen painted the same color as it already was: Navy blue. (See what I mean. Once I'm happy with a decision I tend to stick with it!) After the painters left, I lived with blank walls for a while. Ok, more than a while. Probably six or seven months. Just ask my mom! (Who, by the way approaches decorating in a much more decisive way than I do and at lightening speed...hence, she had a little trouble wrapping her brain around my intertia when it came to putting pictures back up on the wall.)

Then one day the inspiration came. One of my favorite decorating blogs had the answer. The blog is Life in Grace, written by an amazing lady named Edie. She lost her home in a fire. Fortunately, all of the family was unharmed, but they lost everything. So they rebuilt...and the rebuild is inspiring.

My kitchen and den are all one room, and I had an artist paint my backsplash years ago. Because the two rooms need to be harmonious, I was having trouble bringing the multi-colored feeling into the den. Here's an image of the kitchen to show you what I'm talking about.

The photo of Edie's guest room was the inspiration I needed. As soon as I decided this was the direction I should go, I went out to the garage, where I keep all of my photo shoot plates (I have mega photo shoot plates!) and picked some to go with my favorite blue and white dishes.

Here's the inspiration photo from Edie's blog.

Image Source: Life in Grace
Here's a link to the post with all of their guest rooms: Guest Spaces

Isn't it gorgeous? The whole house is! ( If you love "shelter" blogs, please check this one out. It's one part decorating, one part entertaining, one part spirituality, one part family life and 100 percent inspiring! There are recipes from time to time, as well.)

Here's the wall a few years back.

And after about an hour of laying everything out on the floor, playing with different plates and layouts, here's my wall of plates:

Much better! (Sorry about the bad iPhone photo...but it was quick!)

Ok, so it's back to food tomorrow.