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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cooking the Book: Nancy Silverton's The Mozza Cookbook

I received Nancy Silverton's The Mozza Cookbook for Christmas and just got around to giving it a test-drive.

We decided to try the Ricotta Gnudi with Chanterelles. The recipe called for homemade ricotta, which I've always had a bit of trouble with. Honestly, once I made a recipe from one of Emeril Lagasse's cookbooks for it and ended up with nothing but a thick, expensive dairy product.

Fortunately, the simple recipe from The Mozza Cookbook worked out fine.

Ricotta aside, I also had a bit of trepidation about the recipe since my past attempt at gnudi from Marc Vetri's Il Viaggio Di Vetri was a failure and I ended up with a pot full of broken up, inedible mush. Don't ask me what happened. I attended a class in which Vetri prepared the gnudi and it was the most delicious creation. Almost like a ravioli with pasta on the outside and cheese in the middle. Using Silverton's recipe makes me want to revisit Vetri's.

We don't have access to fresh chanterelles, so I used crimini. I'm sure the dish would have been even more amazing with the chanterelles, but it was still excellent without them.

Hubs and favorite daughter loved the dish!

Next up, when I'm having a work-at-home day, I plan to give her pizza recipes a try, as I'm always on the lookout for pizza perfection.

Here's the link to the recipe from Food and Wine Magazine again: Ricotta Gnudi with Chanterelles.

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