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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to my kitchen!

Greetings! I’m Karin Calloway and welcome to my kitchen. I’m a working mom living in Augusta, Ga., with multiple freelance jobs and a ton of dirty dishes. But I’m one lucky, busy mom!

During my six-year hiatus from the workforce, when my children were little, I served as a personal chef during the Masters tournament, developing gourmet menus to entertain corporate guests. In 1998 I re-entered the workforce and instead of working in journalism/public relations as I had before motherhood, I was given the opportunity to combine my passion for cooking with my journalism background. Since August of that year I have been the cooking columnist for The Augusta Chronicle. About a year later a wonderful opportunity came my way and I joined Viking Range Corporation as their On-Line Chef, developing recipes and menus for their Web site. I’ve authored two “Quick Cooking with Karin” cookbooks with Morris Communications (the owners of The Augusta Chronicle). And, (big fun here!) in the fall of 2008 I was selected to judge the Shrimp and Grits Throwdown with Bobby Flay for the Food Network (which originally aired March 18, 2009).

On top of those gigs, I also am the cooking correspondent for the Augusta ABC affiliate, WJBF NewsChannel 6. And, for a little added excitement, in 2005 I became the founding editor of Augusta Family Magazine, which is now a national Parenting Media Association award winner.

On a personal note, I’ve been married to my husband, Bond, since 1985 and we share our house (and lots of laughter and fun) with two busy teenagers.

Product and Cookbook Review Policy:
I am happy to receive cookbooks and gourmet products or ingredients for review and/or contest promotions on this blog. Submissions must be readily available in the United States. If you’d like your cookbook/product to be reviewed and used in a give-away I will ask that one book/product be sent to my shipping address and that give away cookbooks/products (preferably five) be sent to a separate address for distribution to winners.

If you send me something:
-There is no expectation of a post, review or mention on any site with which I am affiliated.
-If, for whatever reason, I decide not to write about your product, I am not expected to return it.
-The product is given to me “free and clear,” without any actions required on my part, and is mine to do with as I please.
-Any post, review or mention:
-Will be based on my actual experience with the cookbook or product.
-Will not be submitted to your company for approval.
-Does not grant your company any claim to advertising or any other sort of “presence” on this blog or other places where my work appears.
-I will inform readers that the cookbook or product was sent to me, so they may evaluate my review accordingly.
-My permission must be granted prior to your reproducing (online or in print) any review or other article I have written, or any photographs I have taken of your product in any context.

Further, you agree not to add my name, address or email address to any mailing lists, or to sell or share this information with any other vendor.

If you agree to these policies and guidelines and wish to send your cookbook/product to me, please contact me by email, and I'll forward shipping address/es. (I’d like to acknowledge that I used verbage posted by Lydia Walshin of the Perfect Pantry blog in this product and review policy.)


Robin said...

Love the site. Lot's of great ideas.

Jeff said...

looks like a lot of AMAZING dishes !!

Marian Henry said...

Hey Karin, I am looking for the recipe that was in Augusta Chronicle either last Thursday or this past Sunday. I can't remember now when it ran, but it was a recipe with bacon, bacon drippings, cheese, sour creans I believe, and I can't find it anywhere. I think my hubby may have thrown it away by mistake. Would you please email me the recipe We are having our family reunion this weekend up in Thomson, and I sure would like to make that to take. It looked so good, and it would certainly be something different from chicken and ham. Thank you so much.

Social Media Mom said...

Hi fellow food bloggers!

After attending the foodblogforum last weekend, a couple of us decided it would be great to get together on a regular basis to talk about blogging, what's working, what's not and help each other out. It's a chance for great networking and we'll plan it around a meal. We're planning on having our first meeting Wed. Sept 22 at 10:00 at OK Cafe near I-75 and West Paces Ferry Road. Please let me know if you can come. Hope to see you there!

Becky Reynolds Smith

judy said...

Can the mini tomato pies be servec at room temp.? having a wedding reception at my house this Saturday, and this looks great!

GMCT said...

Thanks for your work with Senior Project; people like you who mentor students make a big difference in their lives. As a retired senior project cordinator who helped bring about NC's and other states' progams, I am still amazed at students' work. The senior project is truly a culmination of their high school efforts and accomplishments. Again, thank you.

Nancy said...

Karen - when I print out a recipe, it prints out very light and it is very hard to read. Can something be done about it? It is not my printer because everything else is printing fine. Thanks -- Nancy Gass

Anonymous said...


I am looking for a good enchilada recipe. I noticed some southwest flavor in some of your recipes. I made a good dish one night but cannot duplicate it quite the same. I used a mixture of enchilada sauce, cream of chicken soup and sour cream then added shredded rotissire chicken. That night we left over grits and no rice. SOO, i put them on top of the grits. I have not been able to duplicate it quite the same. Any ideas.

Tim Melnick

ps my kids dont like too spicy.

amy said...

like your ideas and recipes. am a working mom, too and my kids just love to eat so i keep on searching and discovering for
some new dishes everytime

Karin said...

Tim, Here's a link to a popular enchilada recipe I ran in the Augusta Chronicle about 10 years ago. You can keep it mild by using mile enchilada sauce. This is one of the most popular recipes that has appeared in my column.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Here's the link:

amyh said...

Karin, a year ago, you had posted an amazing turkey recipe! I have looked through all your posts but it has gotten deleted. Would you be able to send me a link to it?

Rebecca Doremus said...

Karin, I was wondering if you have any good beet recipes? To me, beets are like brussel sprouts. I have not liked either since I was a kid. I have tried brussel sprouts roasted recently and really liked them. The same is true for beets. In fact, my husband and myself find we are eating roasted beets a few times a week with a sourcream bacon drizzle over them. Just interested if you have any recipes to share with beets.

Karin said...

Hi Rebecca,

My apologies for such a delayed response. I have been a bad blogger of late!

Flash me an e-mail and I'll send you a fantastic recipe for Yellow Beet Salad. It has orange segments and herbs and it is absolutely delicious!

My e-mail is